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Thursday, October 29, 2009

My "The Hills" - Best Buy moment

Okay, so embarrassingly enough, I love teeny bopper shows, movies, mags, etc. Twilight? Right on. One Tree Hill. I'm so there. Anyway, I caught an episode of The Hills on mtv the other night, which I haven't watched in a few seasons, and I thought I would go to Best Buy and purchase a season or two on dvd to get caught up.

Well, of course, there is only one line open (why did they even put in multiple registers if they're not going to use them?) and two customers up is this guy who decides to buy an extended warranty (people REALLY do that, apparently) and the line behind me is growing.

Well, there I stand, a twenty nine year old woman, kind of embarrassed because I'm holding not one, but TWO seasons of this show that I know is extremely cheesy and WAY to young for me. So I'm trying to discreetly hide the covers (even thought THE HILLS is glaringly apparent on the edges) and watching the bored clerk run through his spiel on warranties. Anywayz, the clerk was this attractive black man, maybe twenty two, twenty three years old, and excessively, overly obviously, gay. (Not that there is anything wrong with that) Didn't think anything of it until its my turn to check out and he starts raving over the show...

clerk: "Girl, I totally missed it last night! Was it any good?"
me (turning pink, I'm sure): Yes
clerk: "I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Hills!"
me (mumbling and looking around): Yeah
clerk: "But I hate that bitch Kristen! I was so pissed when Lauren left!"
Okay, so now I'm officially engaged in the conversation.
me: Did you watch it when it was Laguna? That's when it was GOOD.
clerk: Yes, and I hated that bitch back then, too.

This guy is a trip. Totally fantabulous. (Ripped the word off from my most favoritest waiter Josh - maybe I could set them up when Josh breaks up with his boyfriend in NY?)
me: She made the show fun! Remember Stephen?
clerk: Oh, what a cutie!
me: I know! Love, love, love him! (now I'm just throwing his words back at him, and not even in a sarcastic manner)
At this point the crowd behind us in not even remotely enjoying our conversation, so I move on....

My friend Jen said that I can relate to teenagers and gay guys....what does that say about me? Should I grow up? Maybe become more mature? Wouldn't that totally suck? I need my care free outlets, thank you very much and if that includes totally random (word from Laguna) conversations with extremely cute gay guys in the middle of Best Buy, so be it....

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  1. girl, i am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU.

    teens and gays, those are my people.