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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dating? Say it isn't so!!

So, over the last several months, I’ve found that single hood equals boredom. Yes, like watching paint dry.

So last weekend, I went on a date. An actual honest to God, dinner, movie, followed by ice cream, date. It was a little bizarre. But I did have a great time.

Some of my single girlfriends are living an entirely different single life than me. They’ve signed up for all of these online dating sites, which I know is supposedly the way relationships start nowadays. I absolutely refuse.

I don’t want to skim over profiles of men, picking apart their photos, interests and hobbies. That just sounds so cold-blooded to me. Whatever happened to meeting someone in the normal course of a day, in a random, cutesy manner, being attracted and going on a date?

That’s how my date on Saturday originated. I was introduced (by a drunken girlfriend) to this guy that I instantly found attractive, we spoke for a minute, exchanged numbers, and voila. A date was born.

Does this not happen a lot in modern times? Does a guy not ask you out unless he runs across a photo and a listing of the things you enjoy doing in an online profile?

Obviously, I’m not looking for some long term, serious relationship. I just got out of one of those and frankly, the idea of jumping right back into that ring gives me hives. But I wouldn’t mind casually dating someone that I have a few things in common with. I don’t want to go watch a ball game by myself, after all.

But to get back to my criticism of the online dating sites, they are honestly just hook up sites from what I can gather. One of my friends is not opposed to random hook ups, therefore she loves the shit out of it. She sends me a picture of a different man’s penis damn near everyday. (By the way, guys, please stop taking pictures of your private parts and sending them to complete strangers.)

I call it my “Daily Dude of the Day.” A little redundant maybe, but it does roll off the tongue.

So, while my date on Saturday was fun, it is now Tuesday and he has texted only once. Is that a bad sign? Hell, I have no freaking clue. I don’t know what the rules are or if there even IS any rules. Should he have said something beyond, “Have a great Easter” with a kissy face? What does a kissy face even mean? Am I over analyzing this entire situation? Am I (gasp!) turning into a girl?

I’m confused. It has been four months since the end of my marriage came about and I’m ready to begin to move forward. I’m thirty one and my sex drive is no where near dead. But I just don’t have it in me to sleep around. What do you do in a situation like this? Is there a happy compromise that will keep my girly parts from slowly withering away? Besides masturbation?

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