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Friday, July 16, 2010

This is me...

Who are you?

Me? I'm just a normal girl.

A crazy, can't make my mind up, soft hearted, tough, opinionated female that has a slight obsession with shoes, type of female.

I'm a product of my environment, without all the bad shit. I'm truly Southern. Except for the fact that I'm glad the South didn't win. (I could be hung in some parts for that statement, mind you.)

I also have maybe, what could be considered, an unreasonable fear of clowns and the burger king mascot.

I'm also terrified of cockroaches.

I still laugh when some one's name is Cox. Or Peter. Even Richard at times.

I hate smear campaigns, especially when they are sponsored by some generic group that you would have to research in order to find out who is throwing mud.

Sometimes, I don't feel smart enough to vote.

Feeling like a dumb ass is the worst.

I love the fact that I can be anyone on the Internet, but I still choose to be me.

I love when other people are themselves, regardless of the thoughts of the masses.

I laugh at crude racist jokes. And I don't discriminate. I don't care if its about the skinny white girl in the trailer park jokes...

Music is a big part of my life. It makes me laugh, cry, think, can make me feel sexy, or like its going to be a good day, depending on what song is playing when I first wake up in the morning.

I really wish I had a friend in my inner circle that was a gay man, the more of a bitch/diva, the better. (I'm interviewing if anyone wants to try out!)

As a child, I was going to be a rich and fabulous lawyer, that wrote novels on the side, one with fabulous clothes, cars and tons of international travel. Now, I wonder what the hell I could've been drinking. I hate being away from home for more than a week, and it doesn't matter where I'm at.

I love the song Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam, even though I have no effing clue what he's saying. And I don't really want to know, as I think that would take away some of the charm for me.

I wish I owned a red polka dot dress, with a flare skirt and capped sleeves.

I drive a mini cooper, which my husband refuses to go anywhere with me in.

I just heard Eminmen's new c.d., and I feel sorry for him.

I caught my son lying to a girl in a text, so I took his phone away and made a deal. In order for him to get it back, he had to either tell the girl in question in detail what he had lied about or he had to send a text to all of his contacts "I lie to make myself look cool." Is that mean? It took him ten days, but he finally chose the latter. I don't think I scarred him or anything, but you never know with these things.

I hope my sons turn into honest, hard working men that are great fathers. Its my ultimate challenge and dream come true.

I don't know if I'm ready to be the parent of a young teenager. It's really rather rahtarded when you think about it. I'm twenty nine and have a thirteen year old. What the hell were we thinking? However, my son talks to me. He talks to me about things that make me feel extremely old, even though I'm not.

I love the movie "Hangover".

The bad decisions I made as a young teenager has made me an over protective mom. I don't know if its fair or not, but there you go.

I hate the saying "Life isn't fair." It really makes me want to throw something anytime I hear it.

I'm immature. Sometimes.

I love hearing a baby laugh. That for real, belly laugh. That's the best noise in the world.

If I was a guy, I'd probably have a mullet and drive a 1967 camaro with an eagle on the hood, while constantly blaring Lynyrd Skynrd's Free Bird. (That's my favorite song.) Yeah, I know. It would be like Joe Dirt, part two. (I hate that movie.)

I sometimes wonder why I'm here.

I wish I had a cool job, like the Stephanie Plum character in Janet Evonovich's books.

I really wish I had me a Ranger, for those of you that are familiar with the novels...

I want a long vacation without my family. Is that horrible? I truly love them, but I really want a break from them. They are rather needy males.

Drinking wine makes me feel sophisticated, but I absolutely loath the shit. It takes at least a bottle before it becomes palatable.

When I wear heels, I'm just about six feet tall. And it makes me feel powerful. And sexy.

I hate stereotypes.

What type of first impression do you usually project? Me? Everyone usually thinks I'm a stuck up bitch, that thinks I'm better than everyone else.

I'm not. I promise.


  1. That was a great strategy you used with your son when you caught him lying. Sadly, I think most parents aren't that engaged with their kids. So kudos to you!

    I think I give-off the same first-impression as you do, that I'm stuck-up. But mine might have some truth to it. Eeek!

  2. haha my friend mary's son (who's 13) got caught texting a girl a very crude request...long story short-the girl's mother read the text and called mary---mary had him apologize to the girl and her mother, took his phone away, and gave him a bowl cut! he was mortified:)