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Monday, January 17, 2011

You Farted! In a bar???

I love my girlfriends.

Most females have a few different sets of girlfriends. For example, the ones you go to sporting events with, dancing with, to the beach with, a wild weekend trip to the Keys...You get the picture.

The other night, I got together with a couple of my really good girlfriends that I haven't spent any time with lately. We go to this sports bar, which, if you knew these particular gals, you would know it is not really their thing. It was earlyish, so we decided to have a drink at the bar.

The three of us place our orders (and the bartender screwed up my girlie drink)and a few minutes later are blissfully sipping (chugging) our drinks so that we (hurriedly get our buzz on)look like we belong.

Holly says, "What an asshole. The bartender is carding that old lady and he didn't card us."

Now, I guess that I live in a bubble or something, because I never notice details like this. Ever.

But I try to reassure her that he didn't card us because we were unbelievably fabulous looking.

She is reassured.

I then tell her that they are my girliest friends ever.

She got a thoughtful look at this statement and then said, "I farted a minute ago...if that helps."

See? I love my girlfriends.

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