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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Airbag For My Computer

Okay, so I think I have some kind of sleep disorder. You know how they say that it takes a few hours of sleeping to reach REM. (I love Michael Stipes)? (I might totally be making this up as I go along, but that's what I think I heard....hello? Not a sleep expert here.) And isn't that what pattern of sleep you're supposed to be in when you begin to dream? Well, I don't care if I lay down for thirty minutes. I'm going to have some kind of dream. It's really pretty crazy. There hasn't been a single night (nap at my desk) gone by that I haven't dreamed of SOMETHING. And I think it's making me exhausted during the day.

The company's computer tech person brought me one of those little cartoon comics the other day, all cut out for my corkboard, that said "This computer is equipped with an airbag in case you fall asleep." For real. I'll be trying to work at my desk (or browse the internet - but whatever) and the next thing I know, someone is standing in the door way of my office clearing their throat. It's downright embarrassing for them. I just shake myself awake, yawn and ask what I can do for them.

Should I be worried? Maybe go in for one of those test things where they stick those things all over your head and record your sleep patterns? My luck, I've got sleep apnea and its making me a little crazy. It's so much cooler to be crazy for no reason at all.

I would've already have went, except sometimes I have awesome dreams. Like last night, I dreamed that Johnny Depp was sitting beside me on some bleachers watching a baseball game and I told him I thought Rear Window was an awesome movie. He just smiled, but it was that really cute smile, the kind he wore in Pirates of the Carribean?

Then I woke up in the recliner in my bedroom (where I had apparently fallen asleep while watching Monday night football) went to bed and promptly dreamed that Peyton Manning said he should come over for leftover spaghetti more often....I know. Weird, right? Indy wasn't even playing last night.

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