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Monday, December 14, 2009

If I Had Money, I'll Tell Ya What I'd Do

If you were given several million dollars, what would you do? Would you curse out your boss, hated co-workers and laugh your way out the door? Do you enjoy your job enough that you would keep it?

Personally, I have this mental picture of myself, sitting on a yacht, heading to the south of France, holding a crystal wineglass full of champagne (I don't even like champagne?) while wearing a big brimmed hat and some hot Mediterranean man massaging my feet which miraculously have become beautiful and dainty instead of too large for my skinny legs.....

(* as a side note, I would like to say that I was amazed at the amount of dirty pictures that came up while trying to pull up one of a man giving a girl a massage. Amazed, I tell you.)

In reality, I would most likely give my boss notice (as I really do like him and would hate to leave him in the lurch) before flying economy to Ireland, where I proceed to get falling down drunk off of a real, live Guinness and sing tawdry songs in various pubs with hot Irish guys (picture the guy that plays Billy in P.S. I Love You - and yes, I know he wasn't REALLY Irish, but you get the picture) before stumbling my way to a shabby bed and breakfast to stare at the ceiling all night, terrified that a bug was going to crawl on me. Then I would head home, twiddle my fingers for a few weeks, be bored out of my mind and wish that I had my job back.

What would you do?


  1. interesting question. I think I'd still have to work (i'd get bored!)
    but I would take six months off and do the following:
    Take flying lessons
    buy a nice house
    go in a hot air balloon
    Fly first class for a change!! always wanted those seats you can lie back in.

  2. Hate to break it to you but the Irish boys, not that hot. I think its the accent -it plays some kind of trick on the eyes. Mostly they are a drunk mess. In a good way.
    I'd say one of the best nights ever involved Dublin, a crowd of like 20 Irish boys, singing the 7th Heaven theme in the bar and rounding it all off with some heavenly pitas.
    But really, not pretty. Just accented.

  3. I'm really a sucker for an accent....

  4. I like your style.

    But I cant believe you dont like champagne!

  5. Muchos gracias, Matt.

    I know! Weird, right? I'm more of a tequila shot kind of person, lol.

  6. I'd keep my job and tell *NOBODY* about the money I've... "come into?" Then I'd secretly pay off my parents house and slowly formulate a plan to no do anything but make it seam like I still was a productive member of society. Like become an "investor" or one of those other BS jobs. Good question.

  7. I'd walk around with pocketfuls of my money, telling off everyone I didn't like (and also quit my job). When/if anyone tried to backtalk me and my new found confidence, I'd say "yeah, whatever" and shove a couple of wadded up hundreds in their mouth. Note that there would be some good whiskey in at least one of my pockets as well.

  8. I've thought of playing the silent type, but....nah..I'd get drunk and spill, then end up buying a round for every person fortunate enough to be drinking in the same place as me...which is why I'd leave the money at home, Jay. Otherwise, I wouldn't be rich for long and would end up HAVING to go back to work, which is totally different than CHOOSING to...

  9. Oh god do I love that man...I almost skipped reading the whole post to just stare at him. Sigh.

    But I liked your first idea. That's exactly what I picture too. But in reality I would also give notice and do some travelling. I'd head down to South America...and then probably around the rest of the world before I retired to live out the yacht fantasy.