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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot People Don't Read???

This morning on my way to work, I was listening to this morning show and they were asking their peeps this question, "Why do hot people NOT read?"


Just because Jessica Simpson doesn't know the difference between chicken and fish and is obviously not well read, as she only answers pre screened questions in interviews (so I've heard, but that could be false) and some people (my husband) would consider her "hot" doesn't mean all attractive people are allergic to the literary word. I mean, really!

Kelly Ripa, people!

I know lots of people that are considered "hot" and also enjoy spending a rainy Sunday curled up with a book.

And while I'm not a super model or anything, I know I clean up pretty good and I have what amounts to a library in my house. I took serious offense. So because I'm a card carrying reader (not really) I'm not considered attractive? WTH?

Does this bias really exist? And why the hell would they put it on the radio if it doesn't?

I was left flummoxed.


  1. hmm...I think it's like the old saying 'girls in glasses don't get passes'. That is SO not true, since I have an enviably handsome boyfriend. And I think it's just because people are so shocked that someone who is attractive also has a brain lol.

    Love reading your blog btw, where do you get the cool pics?

  2. The only reason I go to the library is to mingle with all the hot ladies.* I think that the people on the radio were just trying to make a joke. They probably didn't even believe the things they were saying they were just saying it to ruffle feathers.

    *Not true.

  3. Clearly whatever radio station you were listening to have a warped, Megan Fox-standard of hot. In fact there are a bunch of uni-grad hot film stars. Hello, Natalie Portman?

    Maybe they count hot as Spring Break totty, whereas the literate ladies (who are just as hot, by the way) are the 'beauties'?

  4. Hot people don't read? WTF? What about all the smoking H-bombs that read this blog :D

    No but seriously? When someone on radio says that, then it's okay to take what they say with a pinch of salt when they talk about looks. I had a radio thing for 2 years and some of the people were less that the aesthetic best, and also were all intellectual snobs.

    I'd like to think I can clean up well once a year or so too, and I love to read.

    They're idiots


  5. Trust me Grant, they were being serious....It was scary.

    Irish, I pull them from the web...I don't own any of them.

    Stephen, I love to think of myself as a beauty. :-) So I agree.

    Radio, yes, everyone who reads this blog is "hot" to me! and I completely agree, they were idiots...