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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Little Things

One of the girls at work said that she just gets a thrill inside when she goes into the bathroom and all the stalls are freshly clean, blue stuff in the bowl and she knows she's the first ass to sit on the clean toilet. This is one of the little things in life that brings her joy.

Here's a few of my things (not in any particular order):

When you go to open a new movie or dvd and that tape on the edge peels off in one strip.

When you wake up in the morning and put your hair in a pony tail and you get the PERFECT pony tail.

When you run into someone you haven't seen in a long time and you know you're looking excellent.

The perfect Long Island Ice Tea.

Dancing in the kitchen while dinner is cooking, by yourself or with someone, it doesn't really matter.

TV on dvd and you have the whole day to lay on your ass and play episode after episode after episode...

Rob Thomas' voice.

Seeing one of my kids read without being told.

Watching my oldest pitch. He's really awesome. Seriously.

My husband getting out of the shower and strutting into the bedroom naked, begging me without words to check out his body. It's really kinda cute.

When a goaltender fights. Lightning's goaltender, Dan Cloutier, done this once and it was awesome. He wasn't very good, but I'll never forget him because of this.

Playing softball and hitting the sweet spot. That's a good feeling.

Getting in the car with your girlfriends and heading out for a night on the town. You don't know what's going to happen, but you know it's going to be fun.

Lying in bed, afterwards, and feeling completely, totally relaxed.

Having your hair done (or did, whichever you prefer)...

Finding the perfect shoes.

The electric slide.

When you try really hard to think of someone's voice, someone you've lost and you can't quite capture it in your mind, and then, sometime later, it's clear as a bell.

Chris Rock

Busting your ass working out, hating every second of it, but knowing your ass is getting in shape and it motivates you to go back the next day for more.

The Way We Were....and Urban Cowboy.

When you know you have an eyelash in your eye and you finally find it and pull it out, that tickle you get as the stringy goo leaves your eye and the lash is caught in it. Kinda gross, but I love that feeling of triumph.

The smell of orange blossoms every March, even when they make me sneeze.

Fire works.

Looking at the ocean as the sand disappears beneath your feet as the surf comes in.

Catching a wave....damn, that's an awesome feeling.

The flea market in Daytona.

New beginnings.

If I could experience these things a few more thousand times in my life, I'll be happy with that. Is that too much to ask?


  1. I have to agree with you on alot of those, but honestly my one guilty pleasure is getting my hair done. No feeling like someone else washing your hair. :) Speaking of which...it's about time I get that done!

  2. I wondered what happened to Cloutier.
    And the toilets at work are NEVER blue like they have been cleaned. Leaving me to wonder if people actually ever clean them...

  3. I realize I made it seem as though Cloutier was presently their goalie, but this was years ago...like eight, nine years, actually...Last I knew, he was with Vancouver, but that was a while ago, too.

    Chelsea and Bored, I'm not sure if the toilets actually get cleaned at work, or if they just dump the blue stuff in, creating the illusion. Us girls keep an eye on the dust that builds up on the toilet paper dispenser and we KNOW that doesn't get cleaned. :-)

    Boots, I really need to get my hair done, too. There's nothing tackier than running around with two tone hair...two tone in the bad way, anyhow.

    *Sorry about the deleted comment above. I'm on cold medicine and lost the ability to spell.

  4. The perfect long island iced tea- agreed. But I would almost say that's more than just a "little thing". Or I need to find out what bars you frequent- because good ones are few and far between for me when I order them... soooo annoying. Sometimes I think I could do a better job at making one if I jump over the damn bar and just start pouring... and I would enjoy it immensely for the 30 seconds before I get kicked out.