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Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting a "Beach Body"

I truly think it's amazing how crappy it is to wake up every morning at five o'clock and torture your own body.

It's been four months, and while I wouldn't say it's any easier in the physical sense, once you are seeing results, it does make you push yourself a little bit harder.

I took photos two months ago, see below:

so I've gotten a little more results since then. I'm not wanting to lose weight, and I definitely don't want to become all buff like, as my boobs are small enough without shrinking them down with over exercise, but I really do want my butt to be more firm and I lust after Pink's stomach. Seriously.

I look at all the movie stars, models (ex. Heidi Klum), rock stars (Gwen Stephani, ya'll) and wonder if they have any idea how fortunate they are to have personal trainers and chefs. After two kids, building up muscle isn't easy, but it most certainly CAN be done.

My whole life I've been skinny and I hated it. Cry me a river, I know, but it's just the reverse side of the coin of being fat. You're made fun of, clothes never fit right (especially when you're damn near six feet tall) and you just feel awkward in your own skin. The older I've gotten, the better it is. At twenty nine, I think I'm more confident and feel a lot more sexy than I ever did at twenty. It's really amazing what aging a few years can do for you. It's really not all bad. But it does suck having to get up in five hours to try and conquer father time.

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