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Monday, January 4, 2010

Caution! Bad Facial Hair.....

Is it just me, or does bad facial hair drive you crazy? I mean seriously. You wake up in the morning, hopefully brush your teeth, and what? You never glance in the mirror? You don't see that it looks like a slightly overly bushy cooter patch is growing on your chin?

It should be illegal.

The fact that men can walk down the street with these disturbing curly cues hanging from their chin, cheeks and upper lips and feel completely confident about it is also another reason men and women are glaringly different from one another. If I ever find a stray hair, or I know that my eyebrows are looking a little unkempt, it bothers me until I can get to the spa to be waxed or pluck them out in my own bathroom. Yes, pluck. I know it's so 2000 late, but my hair is blond and they will not guarantee laser hair removal on light colored hair. Assholes.


There are certain man types that can pull off a beard.

Example: Dr. McSteamy aka Eric Dane

He is one fine specimen to show as an example of what a sexy beard should look like. I know, I know...He's into menage a trios' and coke (allegedly), but his wife doesn't seem to mind.....

A really bad example of inappropriate facial hair: Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Someone referred to this as the "Dirty Sanchez", which curious little me didn't know what it was, so I looked it up in the urban dictionary. Stomach contents beware.

Just to show you how awesome he is capable of looking, here you go:

Men! Grow your facial hair cautiously! Even if you think you're hot, sometimes it just doesn't matter....


  1. That first picture-- that's EXACTLY what I look like when eating cereal in the morning.


  2. Mr. Apron, we must meet.

    I am with you on this one! I just don't get it either. Facial hair can absolutely be sexy when rocked in the proper way. There must be some kind of guide. Perhaps eHow could help them out with this...

  3. Lucky Mrs. Apron! (I'll leave the menage a trois references alone...)

    Single, we could come up with something, I'm sure!

  4. Of course ,bad facial hairs changes the morning moods into negatives. So it is always a big concern for a lady like me to think- how to remove unwanted facial hair safely, easily and quickly? What are the other methods removing unwanted facial hairs besides Laser therapy?