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Monday, January 4, 2010

Cold Day In The South

I'm here. At work. Again.

Last years resolution went to shit. I was supposed to win the lottery, that way I could stay in bed on mornings when the temperature was literally FREEZING. Yes, freezing. I live in Florida. It's supposed to be tropical here, right? Aren't we called "The Sunshine State"? Sure, the sun IS technically shining, but it was 32 F degrees on my temperature gauge when I pulled into work this morning. My blood is not made to withstand this crap.

You know what I find funny? The newscasters are constantly recycling stories on slow news days, and it never seems to get old to them to go out to the local beaches and videotape the poor tourists that have only packed shorts this time of year.

I wonder if, just because they live in the arctic North (or anywhere above Florida's state line) they think it never gets cold here? It's truly amazing how unprepared these people are. You see them standing there with the reporter (who is wearing a scarf, gloves and furry hat as though we are in Antarctica) in their shorts, knee high socks and fag packs, the end of their noses turning scarlet and laughing because the fools back home are dealing with temps that are hovering around zero. Do they not see the irony? In their ugly shorts, Florida sweatshirt that they spent too much money on and crocs, there will be no intelligence prizes handed out. Dumb asses.

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