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Friday, January 8, 2010

Holy Mimosa!

Okay, so despite what some of you might think, I did attend prom (and I wasn't pregnant or anything) and I danced and gossiped and maybe even had a little to drink (I don't really remember).

I remember wearing this red satin dress, something like this:

except my hair and boobs were smaller, and there were faux diamonds on the spagetti straps. And my dress might've been a tad shorter on me than this one.

Anyway, I saw a picture online of this horrific dress and it made me wonder what in the hell people are thinking when choosing their outfits.

So I've compiled a list of some of the worst prom outfits that I could find. Just a few of them below:

This "dress" (thing, contraption, etc.)stands up all by itself!

This has been drescribed as a "ghetto" prom dress...all I can say is, "Girl, donchu know you supposed to get knocked up ON prom night?"

Like this girl. She is definitely on schedule:

This honestly hurts my eyes..even if you're a "pink" kind of girl, this is a little toooooo much:

And here's a few people that have friends with the same bad taste as themselves:

Wow, and God bless their little hearts....you know not a one of these girls had a date TO knock them up:

And these next two at least have a theme, right?

Holy mimosa...damn rednecks:

Robert E. Lee would be so proud......

Moral of the story here.....hell, there is no moral, other than I enjoy pointing at people and making fun of them.

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Dear. Lord. Tell me that girl with the hole in the stomach of the dress isn't a real human being.

  2. This post has succeeded in doing what my friends and family have attempted to do for years: it has made me regret not going to my prom.

  3. I dunno, the girl on the left is quite pretty, she'd do better if she stood up straight and wore a cleavage boosting bra. a dress like that needs boobage lol.